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ARTA has partnered with HearingLife to give its members and their family exclusive discounts and offers to improve their hearing health. Register to receive your Advantage Club Pass Card.

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Why get your Club Pass?

The HearingLife Advantage Club Pass ensures that you receive all the savings and perks your organization has entitled you to as a member of a HearingLife Affinity Partner Program. Simply present your pass upon visiting one of our hearing clinics and our staff will know to give you the Advantage Club treatment!

Why did ARTA partner with HearingLife?

ARTA’s mission is straightforward: “ARTA supports an engaged lifestyle after retirement through member-centred services, advocacy, communication, wellness and leadership.” In service of that mission, ARTA chose to partner with the HearingLife network as its Preferred Partner for hearing healthcare because of its extensive (400+ clinics) coverage across Canada and the exclusive discounts HearingLife could provide--making excellent hearing care even more affordable for its members.

HearingLife’s vision is simple too: “help more people hear better.” Hearing better matters because when people hear better, they live better. Conversations are easier. Relationships are more rewarding. So HearingLife provides cutting edge hearing solutions through personalized hearing care—a lifechanging combination.


About Hearinglife

The Value of Getting Your Hearing Tested

Reconnect socially with others.

Decrease mental fatigue.

Fight against depression and cognitive decline.

Decrease the likelihood of injury and error due to impaired hearing.

Improve your overall wellbeing.

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Members receive 50 AIR MILES Reward Miles and Club Pass holders 150 AIR MILES® Reward Miles for completing their first FREE hearing test at HearingLife. The test takes about an hour, there is no obligation to purchase, and no referral is required.

What to expect at a hearing test

52 Benefits of Better Hearing

There are many benefits to taking action to better your hearing. In fact, we can think of 52—one benefit for every week in the year! Download the e-book to discover all 52 benefits of better hearing and get back to your best life.

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The National Campaign for Better Hearing

Test your ears at 60 years.

HearingLife sponsors The National Campaign for Better Hearing and its simple, but lofty goal of providing a FREE hearing test to EVERY Canadian aged 60 and over. The reason is clear: research shows significant connections between hearing loss and other serious health problems like social withdrawal and isolation, depression, and mental fatigue. With nearly half of all Canadians over 60 suffering from hearing loss, this is a major issue, and it requires immediate action. Test Your Ears at 60 Years!

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