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The HearingLife Advantage program is made possible through partnerships with some of the most prestigious and well respected organizations in their areas of interest. Your organization has teamed up with HearingLife to provide its members with accessibility to expert advice in hearing care and exclusive member benefits. Our Partnership is fueled by a passion to bring the very best in hearing health care education to all Canadians, particularly those 60 and over.

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The HearingLife member Advantage program provides members with access to the special benefits negotiated by your organization and occasional special offers exclusive to Advantage subscribers. The explanation of your benefits will be sent to you by email immediately after successfully registering for the HearingLife Advantage program.

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HearingLife Advantage benefits may be accessed throughout the year at most of our over 200 locations across Canada. Click on your organization below and begin registering now.

If you have any difficulties registering for your benefits or require further information please contact Cheryl Anderson at cead@hearinglife.ca and she will follow up with you shortly, Monday to Friday.