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Welcome to your Hearing Care Benefits Program.

The HearingLife Advantage program is made possible through HearingLife’s partnerships with some of the most prestigious and well respected organizations throughout Canada. Our partnerships are fueled by a passion to provide quality hearing healthcare education, and this is the reason why our Partners view HearingLife as the BEST choice for their Members.

Who Are We?

HearingLife was founded on care in 1904 by a husband’s dream of making a life-changing difference for his hearing-impaired wife. Over 100 years later, ‘CARE’ continues to be at the root of who we are as we provide life-changing experiences to Canadians affected by hearing conditions.

HearingLife is at the intersection of great hearing technology and professional hearing care. We are affiliated with Eriksholm Research Centre which consists of individuals dedicated to studying cognitive science and human behaviors. These individuals are PhD’s and Doctors of Audiology residing all over the world.

Additionally, we invest in best practice programs for our staff enabling them to continually work towards the highest standards of care. This investment into our team enables us to provide a consistent experience in professional hearing care, customer service for our Partners and their Members across the country. HearingLife Advantage benefits may be accessed throughout the year at all our 300 plus locations across Canada.

Why Register?

Because Hearing Health matters! Let us illustrate

The HearingLife member Advantage program provides Members with access to the special benefits negotiated by your organization and occasional special offers exclusive to Advantage subscribers. The explanation of your benefits will be sent to you by email immediately after successfully registering for the HearingLife Advantage program. You will also gain access to our content hub, an invaluable resource on hearing health related topics that you can access at any time! Take Advantage now!

If you have any difficulties registering for your Club Pass or require further information please contact Cheryl Anderson at and she will follow up with you shortly, Monday to Friday.

AIR MILES® Reward Miles

HearingLife and our National Affiliated Partners (including NexGen Hearing in BC) are exclusive hearing healthcare providers of AIR MILES® in Canada. Clients are entitled to get the following Reward Miles with their purchase:

Technology Level 1 Hearing Aid 2 Hearing Aids
Basic 200 Miles 500 Miles
Advanced 300 Miles 1000 Miles
Premium 500 Miles 2000 Miles

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Reward Miles value is non-transferable and depends on select models purchased. Please allow up to 45 days for the Reward Miles to appear in your Collector account. Some conditions may apply. Please see clinic for details. ®Trademark of AM Royalties Limited Partnership under license by LoyaltyOne, Co. and HearingLife Canada Ltd.